Experience Adventure in James Turner's Dragon Garage

Rex Libris creator James Turner returns to SLG Publishing with his newest most adventurous fantasy graphic novel Dragon Garage.

An imaginative and playful misfit accidentally opens a portal to a fantastical reality in James Turner's graphic novel. Zach Vandermeer's imagination can get the young man into trouble. Zach loves to play role-playing games, and Heroic Journey is his favorite.

One night Zach introduces a new character into the game, one that launches him and his friends into a real world adventure in the realm of Arthea which up until that night was a fictional world created by Zach.

What follows is a page-turning romp brought to you by James Turner, creator of Rex Libris, the world's toughest librarian.

Dragon Garage is available now on the SLG Publishing website, on Amazon.com and online wherever finer graphic novels are sold.

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