POD Printing and Distribution


POD stands for Print-On-Demand, a technology that is revolutionizing independent and self-publishing. POD allows you to keep older titles in print and available when they no longer warrant larger print runs. For the new and aspiring author POD allows you to make your work available on a global scale through all of the largest sales channels on the planet including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wholesale outlets like Ingram and Baker and Taylor. ​ As a publisher of comics and graphic novels for the past 33 years, parent company SLG Publishing has developed a worldwide network of printers and distributors who can get access to a book in front of a worldwide audience. ​ Note that we said ACCESS and not sales. Marketing of your book will be up to you, it is after all your book. But through our POD network you will never have to hear the excuse that someone was not able to find your book. What makes us different than other pay-to-play services is that SLG does not accept every title sent to us. You get personal service from a proven and respected publisher with over three decades in the publishing business.

Sure, you could list your book on Createspace for no Market Fee cost, but then you will be limited to selling pretty much on Amazon. Our POD distribution network opens up a global marketplace access for your book. We can help you with any kind of book, not just comics or graphic novels.


$99 for First Year Per Title.

Includes ISBN, Barcode, pre-press consultation, listing to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ingram Distribution, research and assign BISAC codes plus FREE direct consultation on pricing and publicity. Royalties paid monthly. Personal copy reorder as low as 50 copies per book. ​ This does NOT include distribution to comic book stores or other specialty shops.

COMIC BOOKS & GRAPHIC NOVELS - Please Inquire Comic book specialty market distribution is an entirely different animal than POD distribution with higher costs and greater risks to you. Please contact us to discuss your project.


Contact us at dvado@slgpubs.com for more information.

These books were published through our POD distribution, both of these were also solicited through the comics distribution system as SLG Publishing titles.