The Book of Maggor Thoom by James Turner now available from SLG Publishing

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This December SLG Publishing launched The Book of Maggor Thoom graphic novel by Rex Libris creator James Turner. The book follows the life of a horrific looking alien in their search for meaning and purpose.

On the dark and shadowy surface of a living black hole resides one Maggor Thoom, demon. After endless eons of success as the star employee of the Insanity Acquisition Department, he has lost his passion and purpose. Yet he knows all to well that those who do not drink the Antediluvian Kool-Aid are soon fed to the ravenous Maw. To save himself from annihilation, Mr. Thoom sets off on a desperate journey of self-discovery: he flees The Void and seeks help on a small, blue orb known as Earth. 

Like Turner’s other work, The Book of Maggor Thoom explores the themes of being, identity and purpose but this time in a more lighthearted way. “I wrote the book because I wanted to do something fun. It’s a lighthearted romp into meaning, following a horrific alien monstrosity’s search for purpose in life.” said Turner “It’s something we all have to come to grips with eventually.

From a technical and visual aspect Maggor Thhoom is also visually different from Turner’s other published work “ It’s my first book not done in Adobe illustrator; instead, I used ProCreate, working on an iPad Pro. It gives the book a look unlike any of my other graphic novels.

It’s much more whimsical than Rex Libris, has far fewer references, and is a less text heavy read.”

The Book of Maggor Thoom is out now and available from, from select comic book retail locations as well as direct from SLG Publishing on their website. A Kickstarter campaign was launched this week to help cover costs not associated with the printing and shipping of the book.

"The Kickstarter is a new thing for us, since the book is in print we are not dependent on the sales through Kickstarter to get the book out" said SLG president and publisher Dan Vado "Mainly we are looking at Kickstarter as a channel that we can get more eyes on the book through and pay for things not related to simply printing and shipping the book". The Kickstarter can be found at THIS LINK

You can purchase this directly from SLG Publishing here at THIS LINK

The Book of Maggor Thoom is a 160 page black and white graphic novel priced at $14.95. ISBN 978-1-59362-303-6 and is available now from SLG Publishing.

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