White Knight
White Knight

White Knight

From the creator of the Civil Rights era graphic novel Josephine and the period piece The Plane Story Kevin Sacco brings another look back set in the advertising world of New York.
It's a snowy night in the early 1960s and Zeppo Abandando, an advertising copywriter, is searching for his eureka moment for an ad campaign. White Night tells the story of this search, and in the process, Sacco reveals a loving portrait of Zeppo's world-at home, on Madison avenue, and at Harold's Showspot, his favorite bar.
Part fiction, part memoir, White Night pays homage to Sacco's real life father, Joe Sacco, telling the story, and through his pitch perfect drawings, Zeppo's search for an aha moment takes on a grander, warmly humanistic meaning.


I watched this book ,in multiple stages grow and grow, until it blossomed into this moving tribute to a father’s love for family, for his son, and for work, hard, inventive work that he loved, and that made his family—and Kevin Sacco’s life—grow, as this book has, into something very special.

Jules Feiffer

“ In this unusual graphic novel hybrid, Kevin Sacco uses the elements of fiction to transport us back to the 1960's in order to honor his late real-life father. Joe Sacco, an accomplished adman who himself found inspiration in the everyday, would appreciate how Kevin skillfully reveals human truths and creates dramatic tension out of the prosaic moments of our lives." Stan Mack, author, “Janet&Me: An illustrated Story of Love and Loss.

"As soon as I read Kevin Sacco's White Night, a graphic novel that takes place in and around the New York ad world of 1962 I started singing: "Stronger than dirt! New Ajax Laundry Detergent is stronger than dirt!" A recent immigrant from Hungary, in 1963 I had just moved to a new life with my family in the Westchester suburbs. Large supermarkets were new and confusing to me-as was TV, which I was watching for the first time in my life. And I instantly fell in love with the TV commercials. Through those commercials, I was learning to be an American housewife. With wonderful artistry, an excellent sense of design, and warmly loving storytelling, Kevin seemingly effortlessly gifts us an era, long gone but for a moment recovered." Miriam Katin, author "We Are On Our Own" and "Letting Go"