Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Floor Damage T-Shirt by Jhonen Vasquez

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The Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Floor Damage t-shirt is based on a print of the same name by Jhonen Vasquez. Featuring the one and only Johnny the Homicidal Maniac bursting through the floor atop some sort of, well, creature and looming over an unseen and perhaps unsuspecting visitor. Buyer Beware! Buying from third party vendors (anyone other than SLG Art Boutiki) means you are getting a cheap knock off. 

Is $8.99 to good a price to be true? Of course it is, so be smart. A shirt that cheap cannot be officially licensed, is probably not even printed on cotton and is more than likely using an image stolen from the internet.

Brand:SLG Publishing Size Type:Regular Color:Smoke Gray Style:Graphic Tee Material:100% Ring Spun Cotton